Beyond the exotic vision that one may have of it, expat life is not as romantic and hectic as it seems. If it offers to those who take the plunge, a plethora of opportunities to transform themselves, one must first overcome the discomfort...

Even if the departure is chosen, adapting to a new culture is far from trivial, whether the expatriation is temporary or a long-term lifestyle.

Although initially excited by the newness during the "honeymoon" phase, the loss of reference points can suddenly bring on the "expat blues" during the often inevitable culture shock phase.

Everything then seems foreign and this feeling of strangeness also extends to our place of origin when we are just passing through. Finally we find ourselves in this strange in-between place, no longer feeling like we belong here or there...

And the feeling of being privileged in spite of everything can add a form of guilt to this discomfort.

Having experienced this culture shock myself, I know what it takes to rebuild everything elsewhere and I know that after the strangeness comes the adaptation.

If you wish to prepare and refine your expatriation project in advance

If you are in the "honeymoon" phase and want to use this period to integrate

If you are in the midst of culture shock and are having trouble acclimating to your new surroundings

If you are not happy with a return

If you question your project to the point of wanting to return

If you also wish to take back the full powers on your existence, if you wish to live and assume this choice of life with serenity then I can certainly help you...