I'm a certified life & career coach and in practice since 2019, I help you find the momentum to (re)take full power over your existence.

Before that, I worked for more than eighteen years in Human resources for different INGO.

I am deeply convinced that nothing is impossible, that we are all multi-talented and that our thoughts shape the world around us.



  • Certification en Coaching Professionnel, Linkup Coaching, Centre européen de Formation au Coaching Professionnel- Certification d’État RNCP niveau 6.
  • Spécialisation en Gestion de conflits et Communication Non Violente, “Anticiper et accompagner en situation de conflits & CNV“- Linkup Coaching, Centre européen de Formation au Coaching Professionnel.
  • Hogan Assessment Certification (Inventaire de personnalité), Authentic Talent.
  • Group Life Coaching certification, Transformation Academy.
  • Coaching Ikigai, “accompagner des personnes à trouver leur Ikigai”, Zenpro.
  • Formation en coaching d’équipe, “Coacher une équipe“, Orgachange.

Walk with me

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Food for thought

Although we play different roles, professional life and personal life are intrinsically linked, I help you aim for wellness in all areas of life.

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A practical experience

I help humanitarians since I come from this sector and I am familiar with the difficulties they face. But in absolute terms, there is nothing I would recommend to my clients without having experienced it myself: it is years of work on myself and the fruit of my own transformation that I put at the service of my accompaniments.

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Against the current

I avoid labels, ready-made recipes and one-size-fits-all thinking, I like to challenge everything that can be challenged and I help you to think "outside the box" or to design a creative vision off the beaten track......

My Trajectory:

Beyond the concepts and my CV, there is my story, my life path... Coaching is the junction between my career and my personal path, a trajectory that started quite far from where I am today. There is not a single thing in me that I have not reshaped, always eager to get out of my comfort zone, to challenge the unchangeable, to shake up the acquired and even why not, to modify the matter, since I also took an interest in quantum physics...

More seriously, I know what it's like to see oneself undergoing life rather than enjoying it, stuck in a crushing yet comfortable routine, I know what it's like not to believe in oneself enough to think one can free oneself from it, I know what it's like to dream big when one thinks oneself small. I know what it takes to decide one day to take a step, then another, until jumping into the void, sometimes even without a net... I know how, in this way, one becomes one's most precious ally... And it is with this reconciliation that I now wish to put my experience at the service of others.

What feeds me


In parallel to my "mission", I have an artist's soul that makes the world resonate in me in a particular way, a reading that I retranspose in different channels of expression: writing, poetry, singing, photography...


Yoga and meditation are part of my daily life, combined with an interest in naturopathy, energy therapies and oriental philosophies, which form the components of a spiritual practice that nourishes the importance I place on the harmony between soul, body and spirit. These practices offer me a view of the world, myself and my environment that undoubtedly influences the coach that I am.

Personal development

Neurosciences, psychologie positive, physique quantique, je m’intéresse à tout ce qui nous aide à grandir de l’infiniment petit à l’infiniment grand.


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