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Loss of meaning

Questioning, lack of direction, misused values, you feel demotivated...

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Remoteness & disconnection:

Loin de vos proches, manque de liens intimes, trop de virtuel, ou en plein choc culturel, vous vous sentez isolé…

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Chronic stress

Constantly on alert, overworked, anxiety, sleep disorders, you feel permanently nervous and agitated...

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Heavy mental load, loss of energy and desires, disembodied, you feel exhausted...

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Self-doubt :

Lack of self-confidence, lack of assurance, doubt about your performance, critical or polluting inner voice, you feel lame...

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Emotional Deafness:

Locked in, unresponsive, apathetic, jaded, you feel like you're cut off from your emotions...

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Imposter Syndrome:

Constantly comparing yourself to others, perfectionism to excess, always having things to prove, you do not feel legitimate...

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Savior syndrome:

Tendency to forget yourself, to satisfy the needs of others before your own, it is only by taking care of others that you feel you exist...

Humanitarian, expats & professionals

I can help you


I am a life & career coach, passionate about helping people in their quest for self-improvement, in exercise since 2019. 

I have 17 years of experience in Human Resources management for aid organizations, I know very well the challenges that humanitarians & expatriates professionals face on a daily basis.

I am convinced that everyone is multi-talented and that our thoughts shape the world around us. I help my clients find the necessary momentum to (re)take full control of their lives, through a holistic approach that aims at wellness in all areas of life.

I like to think outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom to help my clients develop a creative vision.

Coaching is where my career meets my personal journey, which began far from where I am today.

It is the fruit of my own transformation that I bring to my coaching in order to help my clients become their best ally and live the life they desire.

From Illusion to clairvoyance
A guide to preventing disenchantment among humanitarians (in french)

How to be a "conscious" humanitarian and remain fulfilled

The humanitarian sector is noble and its raison d'être is more than essential in a world in upheaval where too often hatred, fear of the other and individualism still rule the world. However, working in this sector is far from being an easy task, there are many occasions to be "disappointed" and it often happens that wear and tear takes precedence over motivation...

It is to shed light on this phenomenon that I wrote the book "From illusion to clairvoyance".

How to remain master of one's trajectory? How to continue to question oneself even when on the field where the culture of the sector encourages self-forgetfulness? How to prevent disenchantment? What to do when it happens?

Find the answers to all these questions in this book aimed to help humanitarians take a step back and keep the flame alive in the long term...

If you are a humanitarian in questioning or in search of clairvoyance, then this book can certainly help you!

Order "From Illusion to clairvoyance" now
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My services


1 to 1 Individual coaching
  • 1 preliminary session of 45 minutes free of charge and without commitment
  • 7 to 12 sessions of 1h30 depending on your needs and your progress
  • 2 packs of tools & exercises to do at your own pace
  • Actions to take between sessions
  • 1 closing session to assess your progress

For Humanitarians

Group coaching
  • 4 co-development sessions
  • 6 group coaching sessions
  • 1 preliminary session of 30 minutes free of charge and without commitment
  • Actions or exercises to do between sessions
  • 1 closing session to assess your progress
  • 4 and a half month program

For the organizations

  • Pre-departure training- prevent loss of meaning
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Team coaching, Teambuilding
  • Soft skills training
  • Executive coaching
  • "Self-care & stress management" training


"Initially, I had already undertaken a personal project to get out of humanitarian missions after 7 years spent in this environment. But it was meeting Corinne while reading her posts on LinkedIn that directed me to her. It was so much easier to talk about this very special life with someone who has lived the joys but also the difficulties that this life brings.

From the first contact as well as throughout the sessions, her empathy, her kindness, her ability to listen, her sharing of life as a humanitarian and her professionalism allowed me to feel at ease, to take a step back and to put in order my ideas and the priorities of my life.

Hoping that you have the same feelings as I do if you take the step of doing this work, Corinne will help you and give you all the support you need for this exercise"

"With Corinne Boulad, I found the support of a professional coach who helped me to overcome my limiting beliefs and to become aware of my potential. Her approach is based on attentive listening and guidance with questions that make me look for my own resources. Corinne uses many helpful tools and I really appreciate her availability and her holistic approach. Her experience in the field of humanitarian aid is a plus and she works with kindness."

"I had been at a standstill in my career for some time. I wanted to change, to evolve but I couldn't find a direction, I was going in circles. Corinne accompanied me in my reflections and questioning. She has a great capacity to listen and analyze, which helped me to structure my thoughts and actions. She helped me move forward by asking me the right questions, while respecting my rhythm, my limits, but also by valuing my strengths, always with a lot of benevolence. She helped me to move forward and to make important decisions that turned out to be very relevant. Thanks to her support, I found the courage to take a training course, to leave my job, and to take time for myself. I now have a job in my new field. A successful transition, from start to finish. Thank you."

"Corinne helped me develop more leadership when I was lacking in self-confidence... She helped me ask the right questions to identify what might be causing my behavior. Through her coaching, I gained confidence and it gave me a boost."

I embarked on a coaching process without really believing that it would be useful and with a lot of reluctance. As a humanitarian, I found it hard to believe that it was legitimate to undertake a process to help myself, who was so privileged in some way. I had also built up this shell with which it becomes difficult to surrender, to oneself and even more to others, or to admit that this profession and this commitment which have led my life for a decade and a half and which constitute a large part of my universe could be questioned or detached from who I am, without tarnishing or betraying all these years, these missions and this work.

The person that Corinne is and the way she talks about the support she offers convinced me to take the plunge "just to see".

Corinne was able to adapt to all of this, with an accompaniment that started slowly, a structured and pragmatic approach. She knows the humanitarian sector and its specificities extremely well, the way the work is structured, the kind of pressure that is put on us and that we put on ourselves in this work, what it represents, what it costs and what it brings to do it 'in full' and how difficult it is to let go.

She always knew how to adjust her approach, to understand and respect my rhythm in processing my thoughts. She accompanied me, with exercises, by asking questions that hit the nail on the head so often, by rephrasing what I was trying to express in order to bring me serenely to my next step. I also really appreciated her way of putting things into perspective and reassuring me that nothing is definitive and that everything can be tried. Today, I have made a radical change of place, rhythm, and priorities in order to devote myself to other projects without losing the humanitarian that I was and while carrying who I am in full. These changes would probably not have been possible without Corinne's support, they would never have been carried out in such an assertive way without her precious support. A huge thank you!